The Amazing John Ritchie

A gentle and shining knight, beloved by so many people.

A fearless fighter for rights and justice.

A giver of wisdom and solid advice.

Best selling author, film man, promoter and starter up of Black Diamond FM, acclaimed for his knowledge of Roslyn Chapel, and the discovery of the rose light that emanates from the light box on two seperate dates in the year.

Life partner of Catriona, a brilliant and beautiful woman, and his daughter Hynde of whom he was so proud a fantastic website with millions of visitors a year, John’s brainchild.

Tomorrow friends and colleagues will gather at Rosslyn Chapel to pay there respects to this wonderful brilliant humane man.

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Rosslyn Chapel Angel Gold Pendant

From Rosslyn Chapel an Angel Pendant in Gold

In Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin are the most wonderful medieval stone carvings.
Biblical scenes, angels and Scottish history are among the myriad wonders not least of which is the Apprentice Pillar with it famous double helix of entwined vines growing from the dragons at the base.
There are many cycles, such as the green men and the angels. Each one follows a hide and seek narrative as you search for the next part of the story.
This piece is from the first angel of the cycle of Rosslyn Chapel. Curiously the Angel appears as a female and holds an open book, her hair wildly rises up as she flies toward us bearing the book.
Those who understand the symbolic aspects of the medieval, kabbalah, templar masonic and esoteric have suggested this is the Shekinah.
The ancient meanings may be lost to time but a female Angel is rare and this one brings the Good News of the Book.